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Sweetheart German Shepherd Puppy Application

We at Sweetheart German Shepherds are dedicated to breeding the highest quality German Shepherds that we possibly can. We are also very committed to finding the best possible forever homes and the right fit for each one of our puppies. At first glance, you might think "sheesh, this is a little long - are all these questions really necessary?" Our belief is yes, because our first concern is for the health and welfare of these wonderful deserving companions. We hand-raise all of our puppies in our home with our children and love them like they are part of our family so finding the best homes possible is our priority. Every family is different, and there is no right or wrong
answers. We know many families have two working adults and we don't expect anyone to be a superhero and quit a day job just to be able to take home a puppy. Every puppy family has different needs, and this application helps us identify who needs what information and what homes might make the best fit. If you're a veteran Shepherd owner, we don't want to waste your time regarding things you already know; by the same token, if this is your first puppy or first German Shepherd, we want to make sure you leave prepared for what life with a puppy may bring. So again, thank you for taking the time in helping us to get to know you and your family better by filling out this application.
We look forward to welcoming you into our growing Golden Family. Please fill out the application fully, once we have received the application we will contact you. If you have not heard from us in 3 days please give us a call or email us. Fill Application Out Here
Sweetheart German Shepherds - Loveland Colorado
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