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My husband and I were looking for another puppy to be best buds with our 7 month old German Shepherd. We had quite the array of puppies to choose from and a multitude of different breeders. Out of all the breeders we looked at, Melissa was the most professional and clean. She puts in a tremendous amount of time into the care of each puppy. There were 5 beautiful puppies that we got to choose from! Melissa helped us choose a good fit based on the temperament test performed on each puppy. We were debating between both of the males and she made time in her VERY busy schedule to let us come over a couple times to play with them so we could get a better feel of their personalities. Once we were able to bring our new baby Brody home, he instantly became best buds with our puppy Max! We have had Brody for about two months now and Melissa has been there to answer any questions we have. She still cares about her puppies long after they leave her care. Whenever we are ready to get another puppy, it will be from her! Matt, Kaitlin, Max, and Brody
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When we decided we were looking for a new puppy, we wanted it to not only to be a companion for our lonely 8 year-old dog, but also somewhat of a therapy dog for our family. Our requirements were an AKC certified breeder with German Shepherd puppies from a European line, with a health guarantee. What we found in Sweetheart German Shepherds was so much more. Being a former military family we were touched that Melissa Wren stepped up to help veterans (like her father) with PTSD through therapy dogs and we knew she got into dog breeding for all of the right reasons. Although we lived over two hours away and there were available German Shepherds in our own town, we made the drive to visit the available puppies at Sweetheart German Shepherds because our research told us that this was the best option. We fell in love with both of the females we were interested in but ultimately Miss Yellow drew us in. The place was clean and Melissa was well organized and knowledgeable on how to optimize their health and properly socialize them. Her puppies were happy and had beautiful, shiny, soft coats. After taking Miss Yellow (now known as Luna) home at 8 weeks old, we were pleasantly surprised that she was so smart and easy to train. Everyone who meets her falls in love and compliments her sweet personality and her shiny coat. At 4 months old, she has already started protecting our home from outside invaders- but loving those that we allow in. We are very happy that we added Luna to our family and I don’t think we could have found a better breeder or healthier, happier puppies!! -Kathleen, Philip and Nadia J.
We got our sweet Wally boy from Melissa Wren at Sweethearts German Shepherd in November. Melissa was very helpful and caring. She definitely wanted to help us make the right decision for our family. She shared the Temperament tests with us so that we could see more of Wally’s personality before we chose him. Melissa has been an awesome resource in the months since we brought Wally home. She cares deeply about her puppies! She has recommended vitamins and pet insurance to us in order to help keep Wally healthy. Wally is the best! He has fit into our family so well and we can’t imagine life before him. We get so many compliments on him, everyone is in love with him. He came to us crate trained and sleeping through the night at 11 weeks which was great. He is so smart and loves learning new tricks and commands. We are so glad that we went to Sweethearts for our Wally boy! Heidi S.
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